Arsenal To Complete £35m Deal After Wenger PERSONALLY Confirms News

Arsenal Faithfull’s have been urging Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger to sign Newcastle and France international midfielder Moussa Sissoko after eventual champions Portugal took the title over home Nation and tournament favorites France.

Sissoko’s massive final performance for France has caught the eye of Arsenal fans who have now taken it upon them self to plead to Wenger to sign the midfielder.

Sissoko marshaled the midfield and largely overshadowing Manchester United target Paul Pogba, the Newcastle United star certainly upped his market value with that five star performance.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger in a recent interview voiced out his admiration for Sissoko, describing him as ‘remarkable’.

“Football is made of opinions, and it is important not to be ashamed of being wrong. The evidence is that I have been in football for 40 years and I’m still wrong.”

“It is true that Sissoko has been remarkable.”

The midfielder who himself previously admitted that Arsenal are the ‘club in his heart’ now has the support of Arsenal fans that are pleading to manager Wenger to sign a player they rate as better than Pogba, following his heroics at the Sunday final loss to eventual champions Portugal on home soil.

If the Wenger truly admire this French man and want to sign him, it better he does that now before more suitors come in for the Newcastle midfielder.

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