BBC Breaking!!! Arsenal Announces the Departure of Jack Wilshere

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Henry told Sky Sports, “Unfortunately, I didn’t want to say that [Arsenal will miss out on the top four] but it looks like it.

“I think if they ever make it into the top four it’d be amazing. First and foremost they need to beat Man City on Thursday and then close the gap to Chelsea.”

“Chelsea right now, they’ve obviously played Manchester United away, they are playing Man City away so they are having some difficult games at the minute.

“You would like to think they might go on a run after that. It’s going to be a fight. ‘Four weeks ago I said Chelsea would be challenging for second!

“Now look at where they are right now! They are in trouble after losing back-to-back games recently, especially at home against Bournemouth.

“It looks like it’s going to be a battle between Tottenham and Chelsea and the way the two teams are playing right now you will back Tottenham,” he said.

Henry was also speaking on Chelsea and their recent away loss to Manchester United including their recent form, with their next fixtures making it a little bit hard to judge, which could make Tottenham are favorite to win top four spot

He added: “What impressed me with Tottenham recently is that they made a gap on Arsenal and caught the top three teams by playing against some amazing teams.

“They drew at Liverpool, they beat Arsenal and United at home, they dealt with Juventus away from home in the Champions League and win almost last minute against Crystal Palace away.”

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