BBC “Jack will be Leaving the Club in the Summer…” Wenger Confirms

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Arsenal long term manager, Arsene Wenger has suggested that the decision over Jack Wilshere’s future lies with the midfielder, saying that from the club’s side of things there’s clarity.

The England International will be out of contract in June and as yet hasn’t put pen to paper on a new deal despite one being on the table for some time.

Having seen him miss countless games because of injury, and with a full awareness of his physical issues, you can understand the club being cautious, but it seems that the deal on offer at this moment in time isn’t enough for Wilshere to commit.

Asked about the latest on his situation at his press conference today, the Arsenal manager said, “It’s progressing.

“Yes [I’m hopeful], but the decision belongs him to, you know. At the end of the day you have to respect the decision of the player.

“Our desire is clear, is expressed, is numbered, and after that the player has to find satisfaction as well.”

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