Wenger’s replacement confirmed

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Diego Simeone is among the managers who have been tipped to replace Arsenal Boss, who is spending his 21st years at Emirates and sees his contract at the end of the campaign.

The 46 years old has spent five years at Atletico Madrid and has conducted the Spanish giant to win in La Liga and the Europa League, and was hardly beaten twice in Champions League finals.

‘It is difficult to stay for many years at a club. It has happened to everyone [changing clubs regularly], except at Arsenal,’ Simeone told Marca.

‘There is little chance of continually reinventing and staying current.

‘I think the best way to get there is to not think about what we’ve left behind and find challenges along the way.

‘Last season, we had seven points more than today in the league, but we didn’t have a consistent team.

‘Fernando [Torres] appeared in January and February to give an important hand in that position that was uncertain after the departure of Jackson

Asked if he would like to replicate a long-term stay at a club like Wenger at Arsenal, Simeone replied: ‘It will be difficult to find a better team than Atletico in my future as a coach.

‘So, why not stay connected to a place I want, where I am well, where I demand …?

‘It’s very difficult to say that you want to be at a club for ten years, because I’m always thinking that you can kick me out, and at the same time it’s very difficult to say that I’m leaving tomorrow.’







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