Danny Welbeck To Lead The Line For Arsenal Against Cologne

Description: Danny Welbeck is set to return to the field with Arsenal. Will he help Arsenal win the World Cup and what will be the outcome? Find the latest news here.

For the first time in over five weeks, Danny Welbeck is set to return to the field with Arsenal. Word has it that Wenger reckons if anyone can salvage his dream of the World Cup, Welbeck can. The striker is due to lead the line against Cologne in the second to last Europa League game Arsenal are set to play. He’s hopeful of getting off to a good start this season, a marked change to a recent spate of injuries that left him unable to play. Welbeck has recently suffered from serious problems with his groin and hamstring, issues that have left him unable to participate, with a possibility of no longer being a part of the England squad for Russia. While the player may have racked up 15 goals in a total of 36 games while playing for England, Southgate has made it clear that players who have not consistently featured on the pitch may not make the cut. Arsenal will play in Group H alongside:

  • Crvena Zvezda
  • FC Kohln
  • BATE Borisov

The Striker Still Has Great Potential

For three years, Welbeck has struggled with a number of difficult issues. However, he recently travelled to western Germany, and Wenger is confident that a £16 million signing is still in the works next year. The manager has made it clear that he has nothing but complete faith in the striker, and that given the opportunity, he will be able to participate in the coming events. More focus is placed on ensuring that the club is fit for purpose than on focusing on the upcoming World Cup. The result will hopefully be a capable team with players operating at their very best. However, Danny Welbeck injury issues may complicate things. You could always play in Casinon Svenska instead.

Welbeck’s Absence Is Troubling

Welbeck has mostly vanished from view since his scoring in the game against Malta in September. Southgate has opted more for younger players in recent friendlies. The last time the striker appeared was at an unfortunate defeat at Watford. He was taken off only 61 minutes into the game, but we are confident that he will return to glory in the coming match against Cologne. While there is little doubt as to Welbeck’s talent, it is impossible to ignore the effect that a period of extended absence can have on a player’s career. However, the number of Danny Welbeck goals scored should count in his favour.

Only Time Will Tell for Welbeck

As many commentators have pointed out, Arsenal is under constant pressure to win. They are at the very top of their game, and any slip up can seriously damage their chances of proceeding to where they want to be. It’s no surprise that Southgate is having to prioritise the team as a whole over a clearly talented striker with a lot to offer. As things stand, only time will tell whether or not his tactics will pay off. The match against Cologne could be the start of great things or it could mark the decline of Welbeck’s promising career and an eventual Danny Welbeck transfer.

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