It’s True: Arsenal Have Completed Double New Signings In Secret-Medicals Soon

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The Press! I kind of get it, they have a job to do, they need to earn money but boy do they stretch the imagination stakes sometimes, actually, most times. Every last detail exposed when reporting a ‘story’, some of which don’t ever take into consideration the emotions of those effected by what gets written. They can be cruel, so very cruel! And they don’t even care if what they write bears a grain of truth or not, just as long as someone, anyone either buys into what they are reporting. And we folk are the fools because we are the ones who fall for their garbage. Well, they think we do. So many times I’ll click on a headline in one of the newspapers because that’s what I do over breakfast, I read the article and yet so often, there’s actually no concrete substance to what’s been written. Poor Jamie and Louise Redknapp are the latest hot topic. Their marriage is falling apart the media will have us believe, there’s photographs of one or the other venturing out into the big wide world alone and that’s enough they believe to justify writing about an imminent marital breakdown. Oh the joys of being famous eh….. And let’s not forget that Adele swore 56 times during one of her recent concerts which obviously makes her a bad singer, entertainer, a cheap and rude north London bitch!

In this section of the newspapers Arsenal, Arsene Wenger can do very little right in their eyes. One day we finally sign a highly rated striker, the next we only signed him because Atletico Madrid couldn’t, and finally, we were lucky because had it not been for Mourinho’s scouts deeming him to be rubbish, Lacazette would have been a Utd player, not an Arsenal one. After all, everyone wants to play for the Portuguese maggot! Still, we all know different and as much as some of find it hard to believe, Arsene Wenger and Arsenal still have pulling power. After all, why else did Sead Kolašinac choose us when he could have gone to any club around the footballing world?

As Jamie and Louise, together with the boobs or backside belonging to one of female Kardashian family hit the front pages, a certain Chilean constantly hits the back ones and I strongly suspect those horrid little men writing about him would love nothing more than to see Alexis Sanchez end up at Man City before this summer transfer window closes. What a coup it would be for the big spending Pep Guardiola should he and his employers throw mega money our way just because they can. But what a fool Alexis would be if he fell for it? At Arsenal he’s no doubt one of the first names on the team sheet, at City, I doubt it’ll be the same and we are talking about a guy who not only wants to win but he wants to be the one out on the pitch winning, not watching on from the bench. He appears to have high standards and a huge work ethic which can only be admired and if Wenger and the rest of the team match such traits, the best place for Alexis is right where he is. And let’s not forget, City won bugger all last season other than a CL spot, something we’ve been doing for years until last season yet in many fans eyes, that’s not been good enough. And it’s not been, certainly not in my opinion.

We however won the FA Cup yet again and unlike the previous two, we won it in style. The 2-1 score line against Chelsea didn’t tell the real story because by halftime, the game could so easily have been over. 4-0 would not have been an exaggeration because we had the chances. We just couldn’t take them. Arsene Wenger looks to have addressed that problem by signing a striker who doesn’t mess around in front of goal. Time will tell if his PL career will be as good as it’s been in France but as Wath said in the week, give the guy time because even the greats like Henry and Bergkamp needed that.

As for all the headlines and substance free stories about Alexis, well again, only time will tell where he’ll be next season but as Hector Bellerin said when the Barcelona stories were being written about him: ‘don’t believe all you read!’

So why on earth would the Daily Express have us believe that Arsene Wenger is ready to make a swoop for Virgil van Dijk and Moussa Dembele in the very near future?

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