Journalist Confirmed! The Key Player Close To Seal Arsenal Deal

Journalist Kike Marin insists that Alexis Sanchez is far closer to agreeing to a new Arsenal contract than teammate Mesut Özil. Reports had indicated that the German was the closer of the pair to agreeing to a new deal but Marin tweeted to say that he doesn’t think that is the case.

It’s just about every Arsenal fan’s worst fear right about now, the thought of losing this pair. Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Özil have just 18 months remaining on their respective contracts and both players are in quite public negotiations with the club over new deals. Neither player has yet agreed to anything and the more time that passes, the more worrying it’s becoming.

Journalist Kike Marin has given the latest update on the saga, claiming that while Alexis Sanchez’s deal is close, any agreement for Mesut Özil is more complicated with money being a major stumbling block.
It remains to be seen just how accurate this is but it’s news which goes against recent reports. For the past few weeks, almost every update on the story has indicated that Özil is, in fact, the closer of the pair to agreeing to a new deal. The German even reportedly bought a new house in London, while Sanchez was growing impatient by the club’s lack of ambition.
Regardless of which report is true, Arsenal have a struggle on their hands to convince the pair to stay. Both players, but Alexis particularly, are in great form and it would take a massive offer in this current climate. Hopefully, the club will put up the money because, without Özil and Alexis Sanchez, things would be going a lot worse than they already are.

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