Latest! Wenger officially confirms Highly Rated Midfielder Deal Completes

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To be fair, there have been reports of a new deal coming Wilshere’s way for a while now so this isn’t really a big surprise. Despite some papers’ willingness to shoehorn him out the door at Arsenal, it was always more likely that a good season at Bournemouth would result in an extended deal at the North London than anything else.

Even if you feel that Englishman future lies elsewhere, a new deal makes sense as Arsenal will want to protect their investment.

But the smart money is on him returning to the club and taking a role in the centre of the midfield. Santi Cazorla is out of contract this summer and his ongoing Achilles problems means that a new one has been slow in coming. There is every possibility that the Spaniard could be on his way this summer.

The 25 year Old’s current contract runs out next summer and Arsene Wenger has already spoken about how he can see Jack managing Arsenal one day. The problem has never been Jack’s affection for the club, either. He knows he’s good enough to play at the top level on a regular basis as long as he’s fit, all he will want is the guarantee that he will get that chance.


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