Unbelievable Transfer Shock; Arsenal Sign 6ft5 Defender In Secret.

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Word in Spain suggests that the prospect of Gerard Pique moving to England isn’t the most outlandish in the world and he is Arsenal prime list.

The story is given an extra layer of juice by the suggestions that Pique’s future is in doubt because Shakira isn’t happy with life in Barcelona.

Shakira, who as you’ll know happens to be married to Gerard, wants him to move away from Barcelona because of all the stick he gets in Catalonia. Apparently she thinks that it’ll all be much nicer in England, which does lead us to think she hasn’t been to England much.

Digging into the roots of the story, the source is the wholly unreliable Spanish website Don Balon.

They first ran with the Pique to leave Barca story on Sunday, and importantly they offered no evidence for their claims, save for spreading the speculation.

It’s also worth stressing that Don Balon  mentioned Arsenal in their original article.


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