Massive Boost! Wenger Hails Arsenal Fans For Their Support During Man City Clash

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Arsene Wenger has thanked Arsenal fans who got behind the team inside the stadium yesterday, backing their side throughout the 2-2 draw with Man City.

Having gone 1-0 down inside 5 minutes, it wouldn’t have taken much for a generally negative atmosphere to take hold, but the Gooners rallied behind their team and that was something that was notable from the TV coverage and by fans in the ground.

It was also something that was noticed by the manager, who made a point of thanking the fans when he spoke to the official website afterwards.

“I would like to thank the fans today,” he said.

“In the moments we suffered, they were absolutely amazing in a positive way. Today, that was a very important moment in the game.

“If they had turned against us when we were 1-0 down, alongside dealing with the nerves, it would have made things worse.

“They really helped the team recover and we are grateful for that.”

Unfortunately there were sporadic incidents of fans fighting inside the stadium, and outside too when one group took exception to Arsenal Fan TV filming their usual post-game interviews.

Whatever your thoughts on what’s happening at the moment, it’s crazy to watch things descend to the point where people think violence is the answer and others can rationalise that violence because it suits their point of view.

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